Operational Safety and Human Factors

Professor Bagshaw has worked for over 50 years in medicine and professional aviation. He is visiting Professor of Aviation Medicine at King's College London, formerly Honorary Civilian Consultant Adviser in Aviation Medicine to the Army, and visiting Professor at Cranfield University. He is Chairman of the UK General Aviation Safety Council.

On retirement from clinical medical practice, Professor Bagshaw followed normal procedure and voluntarily relinquished his Licence to Practise. He remains a fully registered medical practitioner in good standing with the UK General Medical Council, and is a Fellow of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine of the UK Royal College of Physicians.

Professor Bagshaw's relationship with Jarvis Bagshaw Ltd is as an adviser to the company, and an associate consultant.

Speaking and Advisory Roles

Professor Bagshaw is a well-known speaker internationally and was Guest Technology Lecturer at an Advanced Level to the Royal Society in 1996.He has developed and delivered seminars and/or workshops for British Airways, AOPA, IATA, CAA, Faculty of Occupational Medicine, Royal Society of Medicine, RAeS, NHS, Vilnius University, Estonian CAA, Lithuanian CAA, Slovenian CAA, Swiss Quality in Medicine symposium, Dan Air, King's College London, Cranfield University and RAF Centre of Aviation Medicine.

Michael was formerly aeromedical adviser to Airbus and NetJets Europe, Civilian Consultant Adviser in Aviation Medicine to the Army, and Associate Consultant to BRE He is Honorary Medical Adviser to The Honourable Company of Air Pilots, and Consultant to BALPA. 


Following a career in the Royal Air Force (fast jet pilot - Hunter and Jaguar, medical officer, flying instructor and test pilot) and as a UK National Health Service doctor, Dr Bagshaw was Head of Medical Services at British Airways for 12 years. He holds an Airline Transport Pilot Licence and is a UK CAA Flight Examiner. 

Internationally recognised as an expert in aviation medicine and former President of the Aerospace Medical Association and the Airlines Medical Directors Association, Professor Bagshaw has played a leading role in a number of international research programmes including the EU CabinAir and ICE projects. He was a member of the ASHRAE SPC161 Committee, setting standards for aircraft cabin air quality and gave expert evidence to both the UK House of Lords select committees on aviation health.

Michael was the first non-North American based President of the international Aerospace Medical Association. Michael has also been president of the Airlines Medical Directors Association, chairman of the Association of Aviation Medical Examiners, president of the British Medical Pilots Association , vice chairman of the International Academy of Aviation and Space Medicine Scientific Committee and vice chairman of the RAeS Aviation Medicine Group. As Chairman of the UK GASCo, he plays a prominent role in safety matters throughout the aviation industry and health services.