Our normal services include human-error reduction, investigation, practically-focussed scientific research, procedure design, human factors training & guidance, optimising use of safety data/evidence, and more.

The specialities in which we believe we are unrivalled include:


Procedure design for human error reduction
Having designed some of the most successful error-proof procedures in the field, in use across the World, Jarvis Bagshaw has huge experience of how and why crew procedures go wrong and how to create ones that always go right. Doubling down on compliance or crew professionalism will never overcome the real issues that cause these processes to fail. We provide services ranging from training our techniques to designing procedures.

In the cockpit

Pilot Monitoring
Using eye-tracking and other technology we have researched hundreds of current commercial pilots on aircraft from Airbus, ATR, Augusta-Westland, Beechcraft, Boeing, Bombardier, Eurocopter (Airbus Helicopter), Lockheed and Sikorsky. We can offer evidence-based advice on monitoring-related issues for training, accident and incident investigations, and developing procedures and practices.

Human Factors in piloting modern aircraft
Our deep within-industry research gives us unrivalled knowledge and intelligence about how pilots are flying modern aircraft and how this can go wrong. For example we have identified numerous error-modes specific to modern piloting that are barely visible to safety management systems and hardly touched on in normal competencies (whether CBT or EBT) but represent some of the biggest modern threats to operational safety. We can help deal with these threats; identifying them in accidents at one end of the spectrum and helping with more effective training and procedures at the other.

Pilot emergency prioritisation
Our research on pilot emergency management commissioned within rotary-wing and fixed-wing industries, along with our investigations, provide us with knowledge to assist in improving training and procedures when things go wrong. We have led the design (and entire life-cycle) and implementation of new types of emergency processes now successfully in use.

In the cabin (or similar domains)

Inadvertent Slide Deployments
Reducing & eliminating inadvertent slide deployments is possible: we have successfully performed such work for several large airlines, including mixed-fleet (Boeing and Airbus). Our solutions are World-leading, practical and realistic (design IPR Jarvis Bagshaw) and proven to reduce ISDs to zero or near zero, from relatively high numbers.