Specialisation - Pilot Monitoring

Our monitoring research includes hundreds of pilots on aircraft from manufacturers including Airbus, ATR, Augusta-Westland, Beechcraft, Boeing, Bombardier, Eurocopter, Lockheed and Sikorsky. This work has covered automation levels, pilot roles, flight phases, experience levels, emergencies (including fires, engine failures, unreliable airspeed and other subtle failures) and HUD usage in both commercial and military aircraft.

From this huge body of unpublished research we can offer evidence-based advice on monitoring-related issues for training, accident and incident investigations, and developing procedures and practices.

Specific Examples

Boeing 737: Parallel PF and PM monitoring vulnerability identified across automation levels (research for two large UK airlines).

Airbus A320: Split-pilot monitoring duties assigned for RNP approaches within non-UK international airline.

Multi-Crew Helicopters: Vulnerable manual-flying instrument scans discovered on EFIS aircraft (work for HeliOffshore).

Bombardier Q300: Mode of 'wrong-engine identification' discovered.

T6-C Texan (military trainer):
Decisions on Head-Up-Display usage in low-level-flying enabled for Air Force.

ATR-72: Threats identified and described when using electronic checklists.